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Defence Diving

Mine Clearance

Mine Clearance Diving Apparatus

Stealth Dual Mode Mask

The Dual Mode Mask (DMM) incorporates a new design high flow open circuit demand valve and a 90

Mine Clearance Diving Apparel

Low Magnetic Neoprene Drysuit

The Neoprene Drysuit is manufactured from 7mm double lined neoprene. Extremely hard wearing with seams that are triple glued and stitched, it is also extremely comfortable for the diver to wear. Heavy duty knee pads offer comfort when kneeling and increases the longevity of the suit. A low magnetic shoulder zip, inlet valve and hose and exhaust valves are also fitted.

Mine Clearance Diving Apparatus

Titanium Knife

The Titanium non-magnetic knife Buy Viagra has a 7 3/4" blade with an extremely sharp cutting edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other. Supplied in a plastic sheath, the rubber knife straps are fitted with "cam-lock" buckles providing a secure grip around the diver

Mine Clearance Ancillary Diving Equipment

The Ordnance Automatic Recovery System (OARS)

The Ordnance Automatic Recovery System (OARS) The Ordnance Automatic Recovery System (OARS) is a further development of the operationally proven Mk 4 system that is in-service with various NATO Navies. Encompassing all the unique capabilities of the earlier Mk 4 EMLB, the new OARS version incorporates lightweight 300 Bar composite cylinders resulting in significant savings in both weight and size. OARS was designed so as to provide a safe and reliable means of remotely lifting ordnance of up to 1000 kg mass. OARS is a fully NATO codified system in service with: UK Royal Navy Other NATO Navies

Mine Clearance Ancillary Diving Equipment

Analox ATA Trimix Analyser

The Analox ATA is a trimix analyser offering accurate readings of Helium, Oxygen and Diluent gas.
The ATA features:
Auto Switch Off
Backlight As Standard
Long Life
Fully User Maintainable
Designed specifically for the Trimix diver
Provides readings of Oxygen, Helium and Diluent gas
Easy to use

Special Operations

Special Operations Diving Apparatus

Shadow Rebreather

Shadow is a long endurance chest mounted oxygen rebreather with an endurance of 3-6 hours dependent on the divers work of breathing. Surprisingly this significant increase in performance has not resulted in an increase in size or weight when compared to other systems on the market. This has been achieved through careful design and the use of modern high technology lightweight materials that provide strength and ruggedness.

Special Operations Diving Apparatus

Shadow Excursion

Combined Closed-Circuit Oxygen / Semi Closed-Circuit Nitrox Rebreather. Shadow Excursion is a variant of the Shadow long endurance oxygen rebreather. Shadow Excursion integrates a diver controlled changeover facility allowing a switch to Nitrox gas for use to 24 msw. When in oxygen mode O2 is supplied via an automatic Demand Valve, when in Nitrox mode a constant mass flow orifice supplies Nitrox at a fixed rate to the breathing loop. The Shadow Excursion may be configured in oxygen mode or closed circuit oxygen/semi-closed circuit nitrox (60/40). Whilst configured for oxygen/nitrox mode an additonal 2 litre cylinder may be underslung, front or back mounted. The CO2 scrubber is based on the field proven canister from Divex Stealth range of closed circuit rebreathers.

Special Operations Diving Apparel

Shadow Buoyancy Jacket

The Shadow Buoyancy Jacket is designed for use with front and back mounted rebreathers enabling buoyancy adjustment both above and below the surface of the water. The Shadow Buoyancy Jacket has been specifically tailored to complement field equipment worn by a combat swimmer providing a clear back area for the carriage of field packs.

Special Operations Diving Apparel

Explorer Half Mask

The Explorer Half Mask is a low volume mask with a black plastic frame and easy adjust push button straps. It has a black silicone face seal, with a twin lipped design, ensuring good seal against most faces.

Special Operations Diving Apparel


A thick 200-gsm thinsulate undersuit with exceptional thermal properties and comfort, especially for those longer decompression dives. Viagra
Divex Thinbears comprise of three very special layers:
1.Teflon coated Pertex as the outer splashproof layer.
2.Thinsulate CS200 as the insulating layer.
3. Single sided Polyester fleece lining for that constant warm feeling comfort.

Special Operations Diving Apparel

Combat Knife

This small, lightweight knife features an extremely sharp stainless steel blade with net cutter. It is easily concealed and comes with its own plastic sheath with locking device and straps

Special Operations Diving Apparel

Stainless Steel Military Divers Watch

A classic diver

Search & Rescue

  • Search & Rescue Diving Apparatus
  • Search & Rescue Diving Apparel
  • Search & Rescue Ancillary Diving Equipment

Salvage & Engineering

  • Salvage & Engineering Diving Apparatus
  • Salvage & Engineering Diving Apparel
  • Salvage & Engineering Ancillary Diving        Equipment

Transport Buy Cialis Chambers

  • Hyperlite Hyperbaric Stretcher
  • TC 650 Transport Chamber
  • TC 1000 Transport Chamber
  • TC 1150 Transport Chamber

Saturation Diving

  • Saturation Diving Systems
  • Saturation Diving Life Support Equipment
  • Saturation Diving Apparatus
  • Saturation Diving Apparel
  • Saturation Diving Ancillary Equipment
  • Saturation Diving Tools

Recompression Chambers

  • Type A Recompression Chambers
  • LM Series Recompression Chamber
  • Recompression Chamber Ancillary Equipment

Submarine Rescue Decompression Systems

  • SM-5D12 Submarine Rescue Decompression System
  • SM-400 Submarine Rescue Decompression System
  • Analox Sub MKIIP Portable Hyperbaric Monitor
  • THOR (Theraputic Hyperbaric Oxygen Rebreather)