Chambers, Hyperbaric & Life Support
Commercial Recompression Chambers
Divex Interlock
Sound Powered Telephone
Hyfex Hyperbaric Fire Extinguisher
Ultralite 2 BIBS Mask
Divex Back Pressure Regulator
Biox Biological Cleaner
Diving Gas Conditioners
Analox Analysers
Drager Accuro Hand Pump
Drager Gas Detection Tubes
Hyperlite Hyperbaric Stretcher
Wet Bell Systems / Diver Cage Systems
Kinergetics Environmental Control Equipment
Kinergetics Heater & Chiller Skid HCS-1
Kinergetics Environment Controller CEC-3
Kinergetics Mini Electric Hot Water Heater MHE-01
BH Series Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers
Kinergetics Habitat Conditioning Unit HCU-3
Kinergetics Potable Water System PWS-1
Kinergetics Water Heater Electric WHE-3
Kinergetics Chamber / Bell Heater DH21
Kinergetics Chamber / Bell Scrubber DH21
Gas Reclaim Equipment
Electric Gasmizer System
Gaspure System
Helipure Membrane Gas Separation System
Compressors, Panels & Umbilicals
Divex 2 Diver Bumper HP / LP Control Panel
Divex 2 Diver HP/LP Control Panel with Comms
Divex 2 Diver + Standby Air/Mixed Gas Panel
Divex 3 Diver HP / LP Control Panel
Emergency Air Supply System
Divex Hookah Compressor
High Pressure Storage Banks (Quad System)
Bauer Compressors
Cylinder Charging Assemblies
Cylinder Test Gauges
High Pressure Charging Hoses
Divex Diver Umbilicals
Helmets, Masks and SCUBA
Divex AH5 Freeflow Air Helmet
Ultrajewel 601 Helium Reclaim Helmet
Ultraflow 501 Bandmask & Helmet
SLS MkIV Deep Diving Bailout System