Procurement of Products for Airforces and Navies worldwide
  • Military Aircraft and Helicopter Spares
  • Engine & Undercarriage Components
  • Electronic Equipment and Breakdown Components
  • Honeywell Normalair Garrett hydraulic, air conditioning and life support equipment
  • Greases - Lubricants - Chemicals
  • Sealants - Oils etc
  • Hardware - Fasteners - Seals - Bushes etc
  • Management of repair / OH services
  • Paints - Activators - Dopes
  • Protective Gear and Flight Clothing
  • Raw materials - Metals - Alloys - Steel - Exotic Materials etc
  • Sourcing and Traceability of all OEM part
  • Goodrich Aerospace engine components and ancillary equipment for Rolls Royce engines


BAE Hawk

Hardware, vendor, airframe, engine, aircrew oxygen equipment, avionics, rotables, consumables, electromechanical spares and semiconductors, full capability.

Boeing E3A + KE3A

Hardware, some airframe, aircraft avionics - (not mission avionics), electromechanical spares and semiconductors.

Britten Norman Defender

Hardware, OEM vendor parts, engines, airframe, avionics, rotables, consumables, electromechanical spares and semiconductors - full capability on this aircraft.

Dassault Mirage 2000

Avionics, cockpit instrumentation, rotables, consumables - such as

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